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Paranormal Science Examiner

The Begining of Life on Earth

An Essay Written By Justin Shoesmith

Life on Earth started as life on another planet ended. This planet was Mars, which is now a desolate, uninhabitable planet and canít now host any life. Prior to the end of the vast ecosystem on Mars, the civilisation existing there would have had access to very advanced technologies, far more sophisticated then ours.

Mars has been examined for many years but has received more attention lately then ever before. NASA believes that there is a frozen underground lake on Mars, which they believe holds the key to the history of this hostile planet.

There are many planets in our solar system, and there are many stars in the universe, so we can then assume that there are many more solar systems that are like ours. So if there are many more Solar Systems like ours then there must be more life forms out in space.

Mars is the only known planet in our solar system that is most capable of hosting life. So from this we can assume that this planet was once hosting life.

How is it that there are no signs of life found on Mars yet? Well, the most logical for this, is that everything was destroyed due to the detonation of a weapon of mass destruction. God brought these about as they were ruing the planet and disobeying him, just like when God created the great floods because everybody was disobeying him.

Before this had happened, God sent Adam & Eve to colonise Earth so he could start the cycle of life over again. And so God gave them everything they needed to live from, water, animals, fields etc.

Angels were seen in the biblical times as winged people with halos around their head but now they are depicted as aliens in UFOs. Modernisation has brought it to this. Humans are starting to venture into space so the angels/aliens have adapted to our way of life so they can convey a message to us. This message most likely we are in danger of facing the same fate as Mars.

Researchers have discovered that there is hidden text in the Hebrew bible. Most of the hidden text discusses the end of the world. "Delay, World War, 2000 and 2006, I will delay the war" this written in the "End of Days" in the Bible. The code hidden in the Bible is another warning about what is going to happen to the planet, "Atomic, In the End of Days, Code will save".

Many countries including our are capable of producing weapons of mass destruction. All that is needed is one Nuclear weapon to detonate on a foreign country this would then cause a chain reaction of button pressing all over the planet. And that will be the end of Earth.

Earth is a mirror image of Mars millions of years ago. We are on the road to devastation, but are able to turn off of it, if we put an end to Wars and unite as one.