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Paranormal Science Examiner

Pine Gap

Pine Gap is one of four Australian/American joint defence facilities in Australia. Pine Gap has been classed as Australia's own 'Area 51' since there has been numerous UFO sightings in the area and over the base, also secrecy has added to the affair.

Pine Gap is located 19 kilometres by road, West of Alice Springs in the northern Territory. The facility is based at the foot hills of the southern slopes of the MacDonnell Range. Constructed in 1967, now employs 800 people making it the largest single employer in Central Australia. Of these 800 hundred people it is said that half are U.S. citizens.

This so called 'Defence Facility', its main purpose being a secret communications base which serves primarily as a downlink for geosynchronous SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Satellites. It is suspected to be monitoring UFO communications, and believed that there is an underground alien base on the facility's grounds.



Although it looks like there is hardly any security, think twice before going in there. The outside fence is a typical four strand barb-wire cattle fence, once you walk near the perimeter of the complex you are immediately being watched by the A.P.S. (Australian Protective Services). Who are employed under the Australian Protective Services act 1987 to arrest, without warrant, people contravening specified Commonwealth Acts relating to the protection of Commonwealth establishments. Commonwealth employees, Internationally Protected Persons and Commonwealth assets. The APS is also employed at Australia's other defence facilities, international airports, and also the Prime Ministers residence.

Inside the facility there is said to be another security firm/s whose job profile is not available for public persual.


The Facility

Aerial Photograph of Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap

(From a public accessible source)

There have been many rumours and claims of Pine Gap having landing strips for experimental air craft, rail guns, missile silos, and many more claims.

UFOs are vertical takeoff craft, so the can still takeoff and land without the need of a landing strip as all they need is a Helipad to takeoff from or even from flat cleared land , such as that around the facility.